The return must necessarily take place at the Customer's responsibility within 15 days of delivery and only on condition that the returned footwear / accessories are intact and NEVER USED, therefore we invite you to try the footwear on a soft surface in order not to damage the sole or other parts. of the product itself.


To send one or more returns to, the Customer is required to comply with specific conditions:

All items for sale on the Aldo website are delivered to the customer with a special code outside the box. Returns will only be accepted with a receipt inside the box and a tag with the item code outside the box


The customer who wishes to make a change of size, color or article, must send an email to and we will send the GLS courier to the customer.


In the event of a definitive return with refund, the courier will be charged to the customer and we will specify the address where it must be sent to us via email.



To request a return authorization, the Customer must send a request to within 15 days of receipt of the goods. The codes of the items to be returned must be specified in the e-mail. Once the return request has been received, the customer service will send the customer a written confirmation with the specifications to follow.


The shipping price will be charged to the customer only in the event of a definitive refund.



The shipment is at the Customer's risk and peril: Aldo Castagna srl ​​is not responsible for any loss or damage due to inadequate packaging or delay in delivery. The items must be returned in the same packaging with which they were received or with the same method and type of the same. The receipt must be placed inside the box

If the return procedure has been carried out correctly, in compliance with all the conditions, the Customer will receive an email confirming acceptance of the return. The refund due will be made by crediting by bank transfer.

The definitive return procedures with REFUND are carried out within 15 days from when the goods arrive at the company